St Barnabas Parent Council

St Barnabas Parent Council  

At St Barnabas, we are proud to have a Parent Council. The council’s sole purpose is to enhance communication between parents/carers and the school. The council is always attended by the Headteacher or our Learning Mentor. The meetings are held on the Friday of every term. All members of the parent/carer community are invited, and people are encouraged to put forward items for the agenda prior to the meeting.

If you would like a copy of the minutes from the meeting please speak to your class representative or Mrs Testo. If you have any questions about the parent council, please do not hesitate to ask. We hope you can join us for our next meeting.







What should St Barnabas Parent Council do?

  • Be a voice for parents who might not feel confident talking to the school.
  • Support and feedback to governors
  • Provide on-going support for the school for example arranging a rota of parent helpers to support play at playtimes
  • Further develop communication between home and school
  • Set up a homework club to support parents to support their children  
  • Support the school with fund raising
  • Improve road safety


How will the group work?

  • The group will steer how it develops and it’s agendas
  • There will be an open agenda for meetings
  • Terms of reference could be established to make it clear what the group is/ isn’t
  • All parents/carers are welcome to join
  • Talk to other schools to find out how their parent councils are organised
  • Publish the dates of the meetings on the school newsletter, website, classdojo, text and the notice board

Date of the next meeting:

Friday 11th November at 9am in the Maths Hub


T. 0117 377 2391 E.