100 things to do before you leave St Barnabas !

We challenge you to experience all 100 activities on our bucket list before you leave St Barnabas. Good luck and have fun!
  1. Learn to swim
  2. Celebrate and value the cultures of our friends
  3. Climb a tree
  4. Light a campfire
  5. Listen to live music
  6. Ride a bike
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Write a prayer
  9. Plant a seed, care for it, harvest it and eat it
  10. Cook a variety of dishes from around the world
  11. Visit a castle
  12. Dance in the rain
  13. Shoot a bow and arrow
  14. Canoe down a river
  15. Walk across the suspension bridge
  16. Have a job
  17. Take part in a Bristol celebration
  18. Go to London
  19. Build a den
  20. Sing on the stage at the Colston Hall
  21. Build a home for an animal
  22. Play an instrument
  23. Eat an apple straight from the tree
  24. Cook in a professional kitchen
  25. Enjoy a countryside walk and discover some natural treasures
  26. Be part of a team
  27. Write a blog
  28. Run a business
  29. Laugh until your sides hurt!
  30. Find some frogspawn and watch it grow
  31. Compose some music
  32. Lead collective worship
  33. Sew
  34. Kick autumn leaves
  35. Watch the sun rise and set
  36. Read a map
  37. Visit the forest
  38. Go to the beach
  39. Visit the church
  40. Enjoy lots of parties
  41. Take a boat ride
  42. Hold an animal
  43. Fly a kite
  44. Visit the mosque
  45. Breath in some fresh air
  46. Perform a celebration assembly
  47. Dress up in fancy dress
  48. Visit the zoo
  49. Roll down a hill
  50. Speak more than one language
  51. Visit the farm
  52. Act in a play
  53. Celebrate Christmas
  54. Stand up for something you believe in  
  55. Volunteer to do something
  56. Create an animation
  57. Visit the shops and pay for something
  58. Celebrate Eid
  59. Ride on a steam train
  60. Take part in an archaeological dig
  61. Celebrate Harvest
  62. Learn from important visitors and role models
  63. Conduct real science experiments
  64. Celebrate Diwali
  65. Work with children from other schools
  66. Take care of the environment  
  67. Celebrate Black History Month
  68. Create a sculpture
  69. Stay away from home
  70. Build a snowman
  71. Have a midnight feast
  72. Take part in sporting events
  73. Raise money for charity
  74. Celebrate Refugee week
  75. Visit the Mandir
  76. Develop an app
  77. Create some public art
  78. Visit Bristol’s museums
  79. Appreciate wildlife and observe animals in their natural habitat
  80. Take the leap of faith
  81. Have a favourite author and read all of their books
  82. Keep fit
  83. Build a sandcastle
  84. Eat well
  85. Celebrate Easter and have a Easter egg hunt
  86. Visit the theatre
  87. Help younger children
  88. Meet a published author
  89. Be a teacher
  90. Sparkle on sparkle day
  91. Dance like nobody is watching
  92. Gaze at the stars
  93. PLAY
  94. Swim in the sea
  95. Write a book
  96. Learn to tell jokes
  97. Make important decisions
  98. Tell the time
  99. Write a letter and get a reply
  100. Shine like the star you are!