Every child is entitled to a good education and absences from school result in lost learning opportunities. We want every child at St Barnabas to have good attendance and receive their full educational entitlement.

Reporting an illness

If your child is absent because of illness you should contact the school on 0117 377 2391 the same day with the reason for the absence by 9:15am.

Medical appointments

We understand that your child may need to attend medical appointments from time to time. If possible medical appointments should be attended before or after the school day.

Arriving on time

Our school day starts at 8:45am. Families are welcome to join their child in their class for early morning activities. The register is taken at 9:00am if your child arrives after this time they will need to go to the school office to register and will receive a late mark. Punctuality is an important life skill and a skill that we want all of our children to learn the importance of.  

Monitoring attendance

All schools are responsible for keeping accurate records of attendance. At St Barnabas we monitor attendance that falls below 95%. We will contact you with any concerns we have regarding your child′s attendance. The Education Welfare Service works closely with school staff, parents, and when necessary, other agencies to help you and your child overcome any attendance problems. Please remember that we are here to help.