St Barnabas and the National Curriculum

At St Barnabas we believe that children who think creatively and independently are more likely to discover things for themselves, problem solve, be motivated to take their learning forward themselves and to be open to new ideas. We also believe that this helps children to become more self confident, manage their own behaviour, understand what learning involves, process information and to learn from others.

We believe that our own rich St Barnabas Curriculum enables children to develop these skills and attributes, whilst ensuring that the core elements of the Primary Curriculum are met.

Teachers at St Barnabas use cross curricular approaches in their planning to make connections between subjects, whilst instilling the core skills in Maths, English and Science.
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If you would like more information about the St Barnabas Curriculum or Teaching and Learning at St Barnabas please speak to the Headteacher.  

T. 0117 377 2391 E.