More Able Learners

More Able Learners at St Barnabas CE VC Primary School


The DfE and Ofsted define the more able in terms of those whose progress significantly exceeds age related expectations. At St Barnabas we identify these pupils at the end of EYFS and KS1.  

All teachers know these learners in their class and plan to ensure that they have opportunities to work at a greater depth in order to challenge and stretch their most able learners.  This is done through:

  • Rich and deep questioning
  • Higher order thinking
  • Problem solving and enquiry
  • Development of advanced language skills, to include accuracy, precision and fluency
  • Independent work and self-study
  • Curriculum enrichment

As a school we use assessment information on School Pupil Tracker to track the progress and attainment of More Able pupils. The school participates annually in the 4 Learning Partnership (4LP) KS1 and KS2 inter-school spelling bees.

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