The St Barnabas Values 

St Barnabas is a values school. Our values are central to creating a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement, and develops the social, personal and relationship skills of learners that will last throughout their lives. Through our school values, a positive culture for teaching and learning is created which is based upon valuing ourselves, each other and the environment.


Our six values were carefully chosen by the learners, families, staff and governors of St Barnabas and support the development of the whole child. We focus on a value each term through our collective worship, in class worship and reflection areas. We learn to understand what the values looks like and how we can demonstrate the value, in the way we behave, in our attitude towards each other and in our learning.
Term 1 - Friendship
Term 2 - Unity
Term 3 - Trust
Term 4 - Justice
Term 5 - Respect
Term 6 - Peace