St Barnabas CE VC Primary School Vision


Letting our light shine means:

  Showing respect for ourselves, others and our environment

  Having a strong sense of identity

  Empathising with the beliefs and cultures of others

  Being motivated, independent and engaged in learning

  Working independently, co-operatively and collaboratively

  Using a range of resources to support our learning

  Having a quest to improve, to challenge, to find out and achieve more

  Being able to express ourselves emotionally, creatively and spiritually


We believe everyone will succeed through experiencing quality in:

  An enriched curriculum that is culturally and linguistically relevant

  A varied range of learning resources

  An ethos that is encouraging, challenging and supportive

  Strong links between home, school and the local community

  Learning and teaching that is innovative, reflective and purposeful


All members of the learning community are committed to: 

  Ensuring equality of opportunity for all

  Self-improvement through self-awareness

  Supporting each other in working and learning together

  Accessing and valuing all resources; human and physical

  Maintaining and enhancing the school environment

  Communicating and celebrating our achievements